Fields of work


Water Supply
  • Drinking water management (exploitation, storage, distribution)
  • Quantitative and qualitative protection of (drinking) water resources


Water Reuse
  • Reducing stress on water resources by recycling used water
  • Reuse of water with inadequate quality for agricultural purposes, replenishing surface water or process water


Waste Water
  • Development of waste water treatment concepts and plant designs adapted to regional conditions
  • Concept development and support of plant operation management and preventive maintenance


Energy & Water
  • Hydropower plants: Assessment of technical, socioeconomic and ecological issues
  • Development of alternative and sustainable hydro-energy concepts


Flood Risk Management
  • Development of flood protection structures and early warning systems
  • Secondary flooding effects: Risk potential of remobilized, sediment-bound pollutants


  • Water resource management with regard to ecological sustainability, economic efficiency and social aspects
  • Linking water to other vital resources and viewing the whole water cycle together with human interventions


Water Footprint
  • Water efficiency assessment and optimization of production processes
  • Creating transparency across the entire value chain of water-intensive industries


Climate Change
  • Securing fresh water supply in spreading arid zones
  • Protection of riversides and coastlines against flooding and erosion